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Welcome to our Celebrate Recovery page!

Celebrate Recovery is a fellowship of people committed to being a safe place where people can be honest about real problems- hurts, habits, and hang-ups- through God's love and truth.
We are a safe,welcoming, grace-filled, Christ-centered fellowship. Together we are experiencing freedom and new life through the power of Jesus Christ. Life is difficult. None of us make it through this world without getting hurt, hurting others or ourselves. Our good intentions have failed us again and again, and we are often left feeling that we are failures as Christians or even as human beings. No matt
er what your hurts, habits or hang-ups may be, there is HOPE! We are all in need of recovery. We are all weak in different areas, and we need each other. Celebrate Recovery is a growing family of fellow strugglers who accept one another where we are, believing that God can help us change and grow.


A safe place to share
A refuge
A place of belonging
A place where respect is given to each member
A place where confidentiality is highly regarded
A place to learn
A place to demonstrate genuine love
A place to grow and become strong again
A place for progress
A place where you can take off your mask and let others know who you are
A place for healthy challenges and healthy risks
A possible turning point in your life
Specifically designated recovery groups

A place for secrets
A place to look for dating relationships
A place to either rescue or be rescued by others
A place for perfectionism
A long term commitment
A place to judge others
A quick fix

Come 'Celebrate Recovery' with us!
We meet every Thursday in Zion Center

6:00 BBQ
7:00 Large Group Worship, Testimony/Lesson
8:00 Small Groups, Open Sharing

For more information, contact:

Zion Church Office: (916)332-4001
Tom Birtwell: (916)716-4285
Julie Alsante-Birtwell: (916)296-7565